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31 August 2012 @ 06:58 pm
Behind Closed Doors Fic: The Team - Leslie POV (1 of 3)  
Length: About 600 words
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The night before the election, Leslie finds Ben a little distracting...

Ben still has whipped cream in his hair. Andy and April tried to towel him off after Sewage Joe threw the pie, but as usual, they ended up being more enthusiastic than effective. Leslie keeps eyeing the mixture of whipped cream and crumbs from the pie crust while the bus travels the streets of Pawnee, dropping her campaign team off at their houses. Even when Ann gives her a good night and good luck hug, Leslie’s still thinking about the remnants of pie caught on top of her boyfriend’s head, which is probably not best friend hugging protocol. Luckily, either Ann’s too tired to notice or else she’s amazing enough to understand the incredible appeal.

Finally the bus stops at his house. Andy and April clamber off the bus but Ben just stays in his seat, looking at Leslie out of the corner of his eye, a small smile turning up the corners of his lips. If it weren’t for the bus driver sitting way up in the front of the bus, she’d jump on top of him right here.

“Rough day,” he says, shifting in his seat so he’s facing her.

“Almost the last one, though.” Is there some health hazard if you combine whipped cream and Ben’s hair wax? There are probably more essential things to think about, a million other thoughts that should occupy her mind, polls and ballots and hoping that all her supporters remember they have to go out and vote for her in the morning, but the campaign ends tomorrow and sitting next to her is a combination of her boyfriend and her favorite food.

“You’ll be great tomorrow, Leslie. I mean it.”

He reaches out and twirls one of her curls around his finger, which means of course she has to lean closer and kiss him, her incredible boyfriend and sexy campaign manager and maybe she should flip those but the way he runs his tongue against her lips makes her shiver even inside her favorite blazer. His hands are tangled in her hair and for a second she thinks about reaching up and feeling for a dallop of that whipped cream, except that her mouth is kind of occupied now and Ben’s growling a little, low in his throat, and woah, once this campaign is over, they really need to spend a lot of alone time with each other.

Maybe she’ll just lock the door to his bedroom the minute all the votes are in. They can stop at JJ's for some whipped cream.

Maybe he knows what she’s thinking, and maybe he's excited about that too, because his hand is under her blazer. His fingers are just skimming against the fabric of her blouse and she want them against her skin.

Of course, this is the moment the bus driver decides to sigh more loudly than Leslie would’ve previously thought possible, even after hundreds and hundreds of Pawnee town hall meetings.
Ben’s the one who pulls away first. There’s an adorable sheepish little smile on his face, like he’s a high schooler who just got caught necking with a girl for the first time, and it’s all Leslie can do to keep herself from pulling him towards her again.

He reaches out a hand, though, which is pretty nice of him. Hand in hand, he leads her into the night and back towards home.

What does Ben think of next?

Also you can check out Leslie's next adventure.
ratherdance: there's no time- he can fly!ratherdance on September 1st, 2012 01:15 pm (UTC)
Stupid bus driver... Though Leslie getting sick the day of the election because of a toxic whipped cream+ hair wax combination would have been a disaster! Very cute :) (I think this didn't post, please delete if it ends up being a double post!)
princess_george: pic#112091195princess_george on September 2nd, 2012 01:51 pm (UTC)
Loved this line: "her incredible boyfriend and sexy campaign manager and maybe she should flip those" and definitely someone needed to make the whipped cream connection here. And of course, there's a bus driver. That's a person who exists. And so of course they can't make out in the bus! It's a really nice practical detail which I liked a lot.
isalsayourface: Campingisalsayourface on September 4th, 2012 04:20 pm (UTC)
and sitting next to her is a combination of her boyfriend and her favorite food Yeah, I do not know how Leslie resisted this one...

I'm SO glad they got to make out on the bus, despite the long-suffering sigh of the bus driver...he probably lives in Eagleton, anyway.