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31 August 2012 @ 07:03 pm
Behind Closed Doors Fic: The Team - Leslie POV (2 of 3)  
Length: About 900 words
Rating: PG-13
Summary: After winning the election, Leslie is pretty drunk.

Leslie wants Ben real bad. More than usual, even more than she usually does after she’s had this many drinks but Ben’s going to Washington and pink drinks make her all sexy, which makes sense because he’s such a sexy guy and look, there he is, walking towards her with a sexy little smile on his sexy face. She puts an arm towards the bar to steady herself and then she uses her other arm to take another sip of her drink so he won’t be able to tell as much, how bad she wants him. It wouldn't befit the new City Councillor and after all, isn’t that what she is?

Luckily Ben slings his arm around her waist and now that he’s so close, she can tell that he’s very very drunk too. He probably had about half a dozen gin and tonics tonight, give or take a few.

“What happened to everyone talking about their feelings?” he says, leaning towards her. She can feel the words against her ears. They feel like hot puffs of air. She smiles. It’s a nice feeling.

“They’re way too busy drinking.” She raises her glass to her lips again. Not everyone can multitask like Leslie Knope, that’s for certain.

“I mean, I get that, but talking to you about feelings is pretty great.” He dips a little closer and kisses the rim of her ear and the wanting him, all the wanting him she’s ignored for the sake of the campaign, all those times they could’ve had hot wild sex and didn’t, all of that wanting comes back, times ten. He swipes his tongue down her earlobe and Leslie thinks, scratch that, all the wanting times a million. She presses each finger against the bar. She needs to steady herself. Getting drunk at a celebratory party is one thing. Going down on Ben Wyatt is definitely something else, especially given that Ron and Chris are somewhere in the area. There’s the Parks Department’s reputation, too. Get it together, Knope.

“And what are you feeling right now, good sir?” If she uses a British accent, she might sound too snooty for him. Or something. She can at least pretend to be someone who doesn’t want Ben quite so much, especially now that he’s kissing her neck, going so slowly she just might do him right now, damn the bartender and her department and the good citizens of Pawnee. At least he has to move his mouth to answer her question.

“I’m feeling like I’m happy for you and I’m happy for me but I’m sad that I’m leaving for Washington and I’m going to miss you a lot but I’m so happy you won the election, Leslie.” He’s turned to face her and hey, at least she doesn’t feel the need to do him immediately or die, except that now part of her really wants to cry.

“I feel like all of those things too,” she says. It might be a good thing, being so in tune with her amazing boyfriend, except that she can’t really make herself think that right now. She’s too busy being happy and sad and a little lonely too, even with his arm wrapped around her waist.

“There’s something else too,” he says, slipping into that Ronald Reagan accent and oh crap oh crap, he definitely got Maggie Thatcher out of her accent and his Reagan voice is so so sexy in a weird way and crap on a crayfish, now she wants to jump him again. And she missed whatever he just said.

“What was that?” She says it in her normal voice, just to be clear they’re not in the middle of an amazing drunken roleplay. She’s still breathless but whatever, it’ll be okay.

“I said I kind of really want to bang you.”

That’s it, Leslie thinks. How can she resist this? She’s just about to start banging him — okay, she’s just about to kiss him, really kiss him — when Tom and Ann show up out of nowhere. And yes, beautiful perfect wonderful Ann Perkins is always welcome in her life, but really now is not the time, Ann.

Then she notices that Tom and Ann are holding hands. Apparently that time earlier tonight wasn’t just some drunken nightmare.

“Ann and I are looking at an apartment now if you guys want to come! It’s really happening!” There’s a huge smile on Tom’s face and ordinarily Leslie would take the time to explain how crazy this is but now is not the time, really, Tom.

Instead she turns back to Ben. Hopefully Ann, at least, will forgive her. She stands on tiptoes so she can whisper right in his ear, in her best Maggie Thatcher voice.

“If you get us a cab, I’ll let you bang me when we get home.”

His eyes light up and, just for a few hours, Leslie decides to just focus in on him. Washington and even victory can wait until tomorrow.

Now Ben will narrate the next adventure.

Or you can check out Washington with Leslie.

ratherdance: there's no time- he can fly!ratherdance on September 1st, 2012 01:20 pm (UTC)
I don't think I'd ever get tired of these little snippets-- you hit the perfect sweet/ fun/ hot buttons and just leaves the reader wishing for more.